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We are on a wild ride I must say!!!

This week like so many has created a layer within myself and my business – of uncertainty, fear and worry. My fear at times can freeze me. And from the latest restrictions, we now are placed in, the layers and layers of uncertainties and way beyond that, the fear for other businesses, our community, the getting through, the process of change once again –  what does it all mean,  the over thinking, our futures etc. etc. and like many many people I have spoken to together, I believe we are one connected amazing community.

So why this blog, why this post?

On Monday I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed and I am just one person, 1 small business and 1 little pocket of creativity here in Gippsland.

And I know that many of you are feeling the same.

I hope in sharing my own journey that it may inspire and support you in some small way. during this time.

I want to talk about fear! For me I have to feel it, move it, talk about it, cry, let it out and as I go through my own internal process, I need to allow it to free up so I can step into action and into my forward thinking with purpose and intention. And that is what has occurred. We are in the process of another re-shuffle – a new date for our gorgeous elopement couple as well as our 3 other photoshoots so we can remain on our beautiful schedule of printing our gorgeous Issue # 4 and launch in November. (This brand new look magazine – I am naming – the miracle magazine!!!)

So, in the last incredible 2 days, has got me clear and back on track once again.

So…let me share here…

I have always been a big believer in a great mentor, a business coach, a positive influence that has a different perspective and…I always look for opportunities.


What do you first see?

Opportunity No Where OR Opportunity Now Here

A great point – change your language to ‘what if it does work out!’ Believe in possibilities as they are everywhere and there are so many opportunities NOW HERE!!! AND there are so many opportunities in the people we meet especially in those bizarre meetings and at the most pertinent times that can change our destination and future on so many levels.

I want to introduce an incredible person here. You may have noticed our beautiful changes both with our website and social media plus you should see what we are creating for our new look Issue #4 Magazine.

When we first went into our lockdown in March/April – and again I had alot of fear, we were about to go to print, so it was ready to launch at our Wedding Fair in July, I just happened to connect with an amazing woman (who has her own gorgeous business – Sophie from Sea + Paper Creative Studio) about her design work and new website – long story short – Sophie has become a powerful mentor/creator/business associate of the new I do I do branding and new look changes since April.

We work together in a way that has created a strong foundation and future leadership within my business model. Sophie is a true inspiration in her own amazing way, having worked in corporate businesses and combining her design work with branding and marketing and a thinking process that is different to mine (which complements my way in the world and vice-versa). We have become mentors to each other, so in my fear this week, Sophie was the person that I connected with on Monday morning and together we are in beautiful action that may support and inspire you in a way that creates some movement and change for you and your business.

I also want to say – have I got it all sorted – the answer is NO, however through my own journey this week I believe that action is the grounding that is required and within our community there are pockets of wisdom and support and we can and will get through this. Don’t get me wrong, we will continue to have our fears – our future is so unknown, however what I know for sure – we must create action and be the change.

So one of my first points is – find yourself a mentor!!

Sophie has, in her own wisdom, provided this advice on how to navigate through this time as a wedding vendor.

“I’ve approached this industry change by looking for the positives in such unknown circumstances. I know that now, more than ever, our ideal customers are online – browsing, searching and dreaming about their wedding day. I’m not sure if there has ever been a time before where there have been this many couples online at the one time. I see this as an opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase exactly what we have to offer! I’ve also seen a huge trend in ‘Shopping Local’ and I know that I’m fully onboard with this trend. I’ve been shopping in local cafes and supporting local where I can to make sure these businesses are around after this challenging time. I would encourage everyone in our industry to keep promoting, keep sharing and keep inspiring your audience online. Make them remember you when the time comes for them to finally book in their wedding dates!”

So, we ask you these questions:

What can you do while business is slow?
Think new content, new photography, branding, admin and organisation! Start that blog you’ve never had the time for, work on your website that has been overwhelming in the past. Think of all the things you never have the time to do normally when business is booming.

What are your customers looking for?
Ask them the question, pop up an Instagram Story and get their opinions!
Get creative and see what else you could be offering them at this time.

Are you ready for when Weddings will be back in full swing?
Get your systems sorted! There will be a big come back for weddings, so make sure you’re ready!

Have you got your marketing collateral sorted? Business cards, information packs, marketing ads can be worked on now and be ready for when you are able to print and market again. Stay positive through these times and connect with your community as we’re all going through the same thing and it’s so important to be around positive people.

vision & intention

I love the word intention, when you intend, you are creating. I also love this quote – where intention goes, energy flows – so be aware of what you are intending, what are you putting out there at this moment in time. Watch your thinking process, your spoken words and your emotions as they all lead to behaviours which will either create a positive or the opposite.

This is an opportunity to get back to basics with your brand.

What does your brand reflect about you?
Does anything need to change? Do you need a little brand overhaul? A new logo? A new jazz up of your website?

Ask yourself:

What is your Purpose?
What is your Vision? Especially when your vision may not be clear? Who is your customer and go deeper – as yourself who is your ideal customer? What does your ideal customer look like? There are so many resources on hand especially the incredible medium of the world wide web – get googling! Plus there are so many free resources and learning opportunities available.

Again, when you are clear and you have a strong intention, your results will be different!

What makes you love what you do?
Spend some time reflecting, get curious, journal and allow your answers to unfold. Try something new – a new skill, a new craft or take a webinar of something that has always interested you to help grow your business.

AND a powerful question

What are your values?
What are your true core values that get you up each and every day? that get you feeling passionate in your life, that make you who you are in your incredible way in the world! Many years ago, I did some very powerful value work with an incredible coach. It is based on the model from Dr. John Demartini – I have popped the link below. He is so passionate about Values and the Value Determination Process. And knowing your values can and will keep you coming back to your vision and intentions.

My values are: Making a difference, Connection, Security, Love and Creativity. Everything I do and create is about these 5 core values. This keeps me in line with my purpose and vision for my business and is a great reminder when things go ‘wonky’.

Here is the link:


Now you have a clear vision of your brand, get online, set up emails, start blogging, do a social media overhaul, think of new product ideas and get creative.

Think outside the box, take risks, get entrepreneurial (love that word), what new product ideas are bubbling away within that could create new energy and new income.

Ask yourself ?
What are my customers looking for right now? What are they needing and wanting?

Remember who you’re marketing to and what they’re looking for. They want positive vibes, they want hope and they want their dreams to be a reality right now. Be creative and have fun!

social media check in mini workshop

Something to support you in these times.

Sophie will be hosting a Social Media Check In Mini Workshop over Zoom where she will talk you through the basics of Instagram to ensure your brand is strong as it can be through this powerful channel. Sophie will cover the importance of your branding, photography, captions and hashtags to ensure you’re reaching your ideal customers.

By: Sophie Heatley
Platform: Zoom
When: Friday 21st August.
Duration: 30mins
Cost: Free

Register your interest by emailing


When I first moved to Gippsland 3 and a bit years ago – I was so touched by the community spirit, the connections and I love community and I love the Gippsland community and I love connecting (one of my core values) and I love the forward thinking of the many businesses and business owners I have met.

There is so much power in a community and together we can create a stronger presence and connection just by connecting firstly with your own circle but also connecting with the many circles that surround you and especially with the power of our social media connections.

So some ideas to support our community are:

  • Let’s share our Instagram Pages and let’s follow each other and like each other’s posts! You just never know the opportunities that are sitting within this medium and you just never know how you may work together in the future.
  • Reach out to your community and check in to see if they are all ok.
  • Connect with me for any assistance with what I’ve written about in this blog, I am more than happy to be a resource for you at this time.

We’ll put an Instagram post up for everyone to share their accounts and for all to follow our Instagram page later this week!


Be proactive in this time where you can, there are a lot of opportunities out there! Ask questions if you dont know! My motto is : who do you know that can help me with this?

  • Talk to your accountant about what financial support is out there, especially applying for Grants and other Support Funds (we have linked some great websites at the end of this blog)
  • Start broader Networking circles
  • Re-brand, take new product photos, start a new blog
  • Be open for new opportunities
  • Be creative


One of my most favourite books by Robin Sharma is ‘The Leader Who Had No Title. I love love love this book. And I love this extract from the book from one of the characters who is a house-keeper at a Hotel. 

‘When I am cleaning, I continually ask myself a very powerful self-coaching question: ‘What would the person who is the best in the world at what I do be doing in this very moment?’ Once I get my answer, I immediately refocus myself and get down to the business of doing only that which will create the largest results and the biggest impact. My goal here, each and every day, is to be the best in the world at my craft of house keeping. And that’s how I continually move closer toward mastery. You really do see housekeeping as a craft, don’t you?’ The answer is YES!!!

Some ideas:

Check in...
With your friends and business partners on how they’re feeling and if they would like to brainstorm or collaborate. You never know what someone can offer you and vice versa.

Ask yourself?
How can you be the best at what you do? Remember there is only one amazing you! And in these times – know just how incredible you are. How in this moment can you be a leader? Not just any leader – but a great leader in your field and speciality! How can you be better? What would that look like? What is one simple change today that you can implement?


Brainstorm with other people, other businesses – connect with your community! Collaborate, share ideas and especially what’s working for you in this moment of time! We’re here to help each other at this time.

If any of you would like to reach out to me – I will be able to put you in contact with any of my connections within the industry that you’re searching for and I am more than happy to be an amazing support to you and your business in these times!

Other Support Available:

Grants – what’s available for you? Check in with your local government website. There is so much on offer such as: the Latrobe City Council website has a great Grants Finder Section and is also running free online Business Webinars. (links to these are below) Plus wherever you live connect in with your local council or shire and see what they are offering you as a small business.

Here in Latrobe:

Grant Finder:

Latrobe City Business Webinars:

Plus check out some of the other local Shires/Councils – such proactive, supportive and empowering leadership taking place at our fingertips.

On a side note – I am loving some of the posts from the Baw Baw Shire Council – this has been taken from a recent Facebook Post – it is just fabulous –

Be Kind to Others I Be Kind to Yourself I Be Kind to Business I Be Kind Baw Baw – love it!!!

Check out the Free Business Events

Your Creative Start Podcast – Jaharn Giles

Offline, The Podcast – Alison Rice

Xero Now – Episode 008: The impact of COVID-19 on Women in Work

Support Lines:
Covid Helpline
Beyond Blue

stress and anxiety workshop

By: Robyn Bull
Platform: Zoom
When: Wednesday 19th August
Duration: 90mins
Cost: Free

Register your interest via email: or call on 0407 221 035.

A little about this workshop. I have many loves, however my first love is healing and psychotherapy. Over the last 20 years I have shared this workshop to 1000’s of individuals and have decided to run this workshop again as a way to support all my connections. This workshop will make a difference to how you are feeling, thinking and creating at this moment in time.

Robyn’s way has a deep basis in body psychotherapy – a body centered approach called Radix. Radix is a powerful personal development process or body psychotherapy, which promotes change, growth and healing. Robyn’s work embraces both psychotherapy and success coaching bringing authenticity, identity, richness, wisdom and commitment both to the client and their process. She draws upon her own life experience, wisdom and her professional training’s to guide and support others to “Live Their Best Life”. Robyn’s unique style, her grounded-ness and direct approach have inspired many in accomplishing both personal and professional challenges and goals.

You can see more at

generosity + kindness

In these times your customers will remember generosity and kindness. Think about this on a deeper level. Ask yourself : What can you give at this moment in time that can create more connection, social media following and attention, as well as future directed marketing and sales. Can you gift a competition of your service or product? Can you team up with some of your networks and business connections to do an incredible giveaway? Can you offer a valuable discount on your amazing products or services? How can you help another business directly or indirectly? Think wide and deep about your offers. And know that your giveaway must come from a genuine place of giving. We here at I do I do Gippsland are always looking at different yet pertinent ways to support and empower all of our vendors and advertisers. At this moment in time – my mission and question to me – is how can I make a bigger difference to all these incredible businesses whilst we all journey this journey? And this is where thinking outside the box, popping on your entrepreneur’s hat, being creative and loving it forward in such times, so so matters.

in finishing…

Both Sophie and I hope that you have been able to take a small part of what we’ve had to share in the above blog. We will continue to support all Gippsland businesses in any way we can and your feedback is always welcome especially if you need support in other areas!

Know how amazing you are and know right now how much you matter!!!

Hugs and love
Robyn & Sophie xo

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