Welcome to the pages of our gorgeous Issue # 7, you are holding something so very beautiful.

I’m Robyn Bull, the owner and Editor of I do I do Gippsland and this is such a beautiful moment in time. Each magazine has so much love poured into it and what a stunning edition we have created. I do I do Gippsland is a magazine that celebrates love (all love), it’s about people following their hearts. During the creation of this magazine, I revisited the incredible book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. So much of what he wrote (in 1988) feels so pertinent today. Paulo shares “We are all travellers. And we have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment.” How true.

And this moment brings something even more powerful. Have you ever wondered about the central role you are playing in the history of the world, and especially right here in gorgeous Gippsland, your own love story, your marriages, and your contribution to creating more love and more greatness, whether you are planning your wedding or running a beautiful business? I see the history that we are all creating and when you stop to acknowledge this – it is truly breathtaking.

So, in this precious moment, I acknowledge our gorgeous couples planning their weddings and celebrations. Issue # 7 is grounded in LOVE and showcases the most incredible vendors for you to choose from and connect with (wow, I just adore all of our incredible creative artists working away within the many wedding categories that you will also love as well). We know all of our couples planning their weddings will fall in love with Issue # 7 and the pure beauty that has been inspired and created.!

Beyond our beautiful cover wedding of Lauren and Casey, photographed so beautifully by the incredible Kristy from @Kinship by Kristy, you will find another nine exquisite real weddings sprinkled from all over beautiful Gippsland. These couples have put their own unique and gorgeous stamp on their day. Just love love love our Issue # 7 real weddings.

To our incredible photographers: how beautiful are you? Your vision, your own incredible artistry. I adore photography and I often see the sacredness, the silence within the image or images, the honesty, the stillness and I adore those images that when you wait, people forget that you have a camera and their beautiful souls drift into view. That, to me, is pure artistry. Your gift shines bright for all our couples to see and be witnesses to. You bring so much to I do I do Gippsland.

I also acknowledge two of my favourite people within my small team of me plus two: Marceena, my incredible graphic designer and Dana, my magic creator behind the scenes (with whom many of you will have had the privilege of connecting with). These two amazing women help me bring what is within my own heart and soul to these beautiful pages.

As I bring these pages together, I feel I live in a beautiful piece of artwork, creating my own love story of beauty, writing, intending, mentoring, sharing and connection. To be ‘plopped’ in love – gosh, how truly beautiful is that? This magazine – is me, all of me, heart and soul and you will be loved on as you enjoy these stunning pages. My intention is that you demand more and become more. I came across this quote from JM Storm: “She had a way of making you look at things differently. A way of making you close your eyes and see with your heart”.

My wish is that you see with your heart and that you take a moment to be so beautifully present with yourself, your partner and your own love story.

Hugs and love
Robyn Bull
Editor, Artist, Matchmaker, Creator, Lover of So Much.

robyn bull


contributing photographers

Without the incredibly talented photographers of Gippsland and beyond, we would not be able to create our beautiful I do I do Gippsland business. We are so grateful of our photographers that have helped create the imagery of our website and online directory. These photographers create beautiful memories of our passions and love stories and their love for what they do is expressed throughout the pages of our gorgeous website.

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