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We are in love with all things weddings and adore the love stories of Gippsland. Thank you for taking the time to submit your beautiful Real Wedding with us here I do I do Gippsland. We value your artistry and your vision and the beauty you capture as a photographer.

real weddings

When submitting your Gippsland Real Wedding, Elopement, Celebration or Styled Photoshoot, please only send us a small album collection of the most amazing images that showcases your uniqueness, your artistry and your capturing of ‘love’ in its entirety. We love unique images, quirky moments, intimacy, little people, older people, loads of colour, stunning details, florals, dreamy sunsets, landscapes and all the beautiful moments of a wedding day. We also strive to share a diverse range of weddings here on our website, our social media pages as well as our gorgeous magazines. Please send approximately 100 of your MOST FAVOURITE images with your submission. We love different images and we love images that create connection, emotion and that will contribute to the wider sector of Gippsland.


We only accept submissions from the photographer, as they (YOU) own the copyright to the images.

albums + image sizing

Always make sure your images and albums are labelled correctly with the couple’s name or submission name. ALL photos need to be a minimum 2000 pixels width. When sending your album make sure this is in an appropriate format – either Pixieset / Pic-Time or similar. A note – please don’t forget to include the password and download pin with your album!

planting a seed for issue # 7 front cover

We are in love with our gorgeous Issue # 6 front cover (this will launch very soon). As the Editor of I do I do Gippsland – I am not here to tell you how to do your incredible artistry – I am not a photographer however I am a ‘lover of images and love’ and I spend hours and hours and hours going through 1000’s and 1000’s of images and I am always in that beautiful hunter / gatherer moment regarding the front cover. You as the photographer are shooting for your gorgeous couple and I want to add another layer. When shooting your couple, think of what will it take to be on the front cover of the next gorgeous issue # 7 or for any other wedding magazine as well. Set the intention. Plus I share some tips and tricks – shoot vertical if possible ensuring there is enough ground at the base of the image, as well as enough space either side of the couple and for our logo to fit perfectly, there needs to be a good amount of space above the couples heads.

real wedding exclusivity

In relation to your beautiful Gippsland and beyond Real Wedding, we require exclusivity for the weddings we feature. As we like to feature never before seen content to our readers. Please let us know if you are submitting this Real Wedding with another medium or if it has been featured elsewhere (other magazines, blogs, websites, Instagram or Social Media Features) in the past. We do ask that if you are submitting a Real Wedding for issue # 6 that you limit the images shared on Instagram and other Social Media platforms.

    image albuminsert an album link to an online gallery (ie. pixieset, pictime or similar). please make sure your album is clearly named with either the couples names or your business submission name.


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