a wedding at chapter barn

a sacred wedding space

‘ooh – a wedding at chapter barn…’ 

Chapter Barn – the dream reality you’ve always hoped for. The views, the space, the possibilities and the unique you style – all here for the asking. This amazing space can generate your particular Wedding in exactly the way you’ve always wanted.

You connect with your style, your vogue, your vendors, your way.

‘chapter barn – extraordinary wedding space – ticks all the boxes.’

This is where dream-weddings live. This is where love, imagination, creation and dreams combine over an expansive 27 acres of coast and country views.

Chapter Barn: – your dreamscape lives here. And best of all there’s no need to be in and out of a venue within a few hours. You get to be stars of your own 3 Day Wedding-Festival where love and family bonding last forever.

Set up, celebration and pack up become fun events that add to your Wedding Story. And your chill out times are some of the best.  

The Ceremony, Reception and Photographer positioning and opps on site are amazing, unique, stunning and innumerable. Just right for you.

your 4 top-tips for brides and grooms?

  1. Be true to your own wants and desires. It’s your day.
  2. Work and use only those wedding suppliers who get you, your vision. They need to be excited about your wedding.
  3. Happily invest in the photographer whose work you love now and whose photos you’ll love to share now and in years to come.
  4. Wedding Planners, best idea ever. Use one. Especially with Covid, suppliers can cancel days before. Having reliable back-ups to save the day – incredible.

why at chapter barn, do you do what you do?

We LOVE seeing people happy, enjoying life, and rejoicing in the milestones.  Sharing our unique property with others is just a natural extension of the passion we have felt here for over 10 years.

what of the trends in wedding planning? How is it changing here in gippsland?

‘It’s definitely about closer, intimate weddings. And elopements are also massive. Then there are the small-scale weddings (60-90 pax). A private dinner-party vibe is also a fun favourite. Set the tables out under the night sky, put them close together, add some lights and wow, just beautiful.

One of the ‘funnest’ things that has been happening is Food Trucks. Line ‘em up, set ‘em up and away you go with the best of faves for all.

Oh, and dresses don’t have to be white anymore. So good.’

and as a special whisper to the maybe nervous couple on this amazing day?

It can be a bit scary, but if you stay in the moment, take time for each other and breathe to take it all in, then you’re sure to have fun and enjoy it.

Contact Melissa Maier at www.chapterbarn.com.au

Beautiful imagery by Claire Davie, Morgan Lee Photography, These Grateful Days, Tessa Cox Photography

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