a mindful wedding

a mindful wedding




  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

Your relationship has an intuitive story and you and your beautiful partner have made a conscious choice to come together in love and life, and your wedding can be a beautiful reflection and celebration of that choice. A mindful wedding truly represents ‘love’, the real, deep down, core focused, central definition of love. A mindful wedding also represents the future hope and dreams of couples, preparation, timing, ease, and flow. Bringing mindfulness to the planning of your wedding as well as your wedding day will allow you to create your sacred day with the love of each other; the love of family; the love of friends and the love of life. Being in a considered mindful state before, during and after your wedding day will transform how you relate to events and experiences with purpose, space, presence, and connection.

Despite the best of intentions, a mindful, serene, and love-filled wedding needs the careful, emotional, and intelligent assistance of preparation and planning. We weave some meaningful and supportive tips for you to consider for your wedding day and the true beauty of your relationship.

planning your wedding day

Ask yourself:

Are you being conscious with your wedding planning?

Have you partnered with vendors who align with your values?

Are you communicating properly during your planning?

Have you prioritized what’s most important as a couple?

Have you taken time out with each other to just be?

Have you as a couple thought about using local suppliers?

the night before your wedding day

Enjoy last moments with your partner, acknowledge each other, spend time together, reflect on your relationship.

As you go to sleep, spend time in gratitude, write down any last-minute thoughts that may be on your mind.

Before retiring, write a small love note to one another that can be cherished forever.

when you wake up

On the morning of your wedding day, take a moment to practise mindfulness. For example, you may focus on words as below:

Today as I begin my marriage, I wish myself peace and happiness, calmness, and pure joy
Say ‘I wish love for myself, my spouse-to-be, my family and this ‘our wedding day!’

I breathe peace, serenity, and love into all that is today.

your intentions

Intentions are a powerful future directed action that create more ease, flow, and beautiful connection. Before the wedding, be clear, as a couple, of the intentions you want for not just the day, but for your lives together. For instance:

We will stay calm for each part of the day as it unfolds

We will decide to mindfully enjoy our day

We will enjoy any challenge as it arises, clear in the knowledge that all is truly well

(A fabulous tip: if you are feeling nervous, overwhelmed take a moment to feel your feet in your shoes, breathe deep into your belly and just simply take a moment to feel your feet!)

the morning of

Eat, drink, and get ready with calm and clear knowing:

Eat smart, eat slow and chew your food carefully

Be present and focus

Use your senses to fully experience the day 

Enjoy a warm shower, the smell of your perfume/body spray and make-up products, the taste of a glass of bubbles, the sound of relaxing music

Look and really see the beauty of your wedding dress/suit.

Re-read your vows – centre yourself on the promises you’re making and celebrate the choice you have made to marry your person.

leave mindfully

During the time especially in all the fuss of ‘getting ready’ take 30 seconds to centre yourself, breathe and leave with joy in anticipation of seeing the love of your life. A short prayer or affirmation would also be appropriate here.

on the day of your wedding

During the time especially in all the fuss of ‘getting ready’ take 30 seconds to centre yourself, breathe and leave with joy in anticipation of seeing the love of your life. A short prayer or affirmation would also be appropriate here.

during the wedding ceremony & reception

Ask for an ‘unplugged’ ceremony with your guests. Let phones be turned off so that you are ‘present’ for the event.

Enjoy the signing of your Wedding Certificate. Have a celebratory hug with your brand-new spouse.

Be wholly present with each other during the Wedding Dance. This is an intimate and joyous connection for both the couple and the guests. Enjoy it. 

take a break from the crowd with just the two of you

Some couples will love the hurly-burly of a wonderful, happy event. Others may want to plan some quiet time especially as the sun sets, head out for photos with just you, your partner, and your photographer.

When the dance floor is in full swing, pop outside for a quiet moment together.

Let your photographer know that you want to have a quiet moment together and ask them to stand a distance away while you two just cuddle or chat. They’ll get plenty of beautiful authentic shots during those quiet moments.

at the end of the night

Run a bath and relax with your new spouse.

Reminisce on the day and share the things you each experienced.

Cosy up and totally enjoy the whole of who you are now.

The true beauty in thinking mindfully is that it opens new realms and allows for a deeper awareness and understanding of ‘intention’ and what is happening around you.

So go ahead and break the rules and break down the beliefs surrounding weddings and everything that comes with it. Create a union that shows the world just why you are meant to be together forever.

Imagery by Vanessa Shambrook Photography // Words by Robyn Bull

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