5 reasons why every bride needs a bridal boudoir photo shoot

bridal boudoir

Beautiful Carol from Images by Carol shares passionately her amazing work with women!

Disclaimer, I think EVERY person should have a boudoir session.  And for many of the reasons listed below.  However, if you NEED an excuse, getting married is a great one (so is your first anniversary {paper})

So, why gift your spouse an album of tasteful, personal and intimate photos of you??  After all, aren’t they getting the whole package by marrying you???  True, but have they seen you feeling confident and empowered in your own body??  Will they have any other way relive the beautiful lingerie you spent hours looking for??  

Of course, bridal boudoir is as much about the bride, as it is about her new spouse.  We believe that your session is about YOU.  Not only will it help you feel amazing before your wedding, it gives you some ‘me’ time, amid all the frantic days leading up, this is one chance to relax and focus on you.

So, what are these reasons I mentioned???

1. Romance

Your wedding day is a whirl of activity, it’s a blur the day after, trust me.  You won’t remember the exact words you said, you will only vaguely remember a sea of smiles and phones.  These photos will help you to add an extra layer of ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your day, and certainly give you something to talk about during your first dance!

2. The most unique wedding gift ever

You will receive a lot of special gifts for both of you, and even some that are more skewed to you or your partner, but this is unique, no one else can gift the way you feel when your partner shows you his favourite from your album, no one else can create that look of amazement in his eyes when he sees your album for the first time (make sure your photographer knows it’s happening.)

3. Confidence

Honestly, you will STRUT from your boudoir session, and that amazing feeling of confidence and empowerment will last for ages, and start all over again when you see your final album.  You may think there are parts of your body that you want to hide, but I promise, ten minutes in, you will be flaunting them and feeling so incredible about yourself that everyone will notice.

4. Memories

You can bring so many personal items into a bridal boudoir session that you will want to remember.  Your perfume, your veil, even if it’s not staying on the whole day (and don’t worry, we have spares if you aren’t wearing one, to help you feel more ‘bridey’), your shoes, which your husband may not even see for most of the day, so many little things that you can look back on and remember.

5. Because time goes by

You may never feel this pampered or special again.  The daily grind, the years rolling by with each other, this is your chance to shine.  Take your moment and create a memory that you can hold on to on those days when it’s hard to love yourself after putting your family first.

About Carol

Images with Carol has a fully professional and award winning team that offers wedding and boudoir photography and videography that will leave you breathless. Wedding memories that are filled with all of the emotion of the day, especially the moments that you didn’t see. Personal service that shows they understand that your wedding is about YOU, your love story and your celebration. From every smile through to every little happy tear, they capture it all.

Specialising in elopements and intimate weddings, our team understands that your day is about YOU, and our service is all about YOUR wedding, your way.

Looking for a unique and emotional gift for your new spouse?? Embrace your sensuality, start your journey of empowerment and self-love with boudoir images. Boost your confidence with a gorgeous photo shoot, where you are liberated from your inhibitions and reconnect with your amazing body. Carol will make sure you’re completely at ease, and celebrate you in all your beauty and curves. She caters for women of all shapes and sizes with her luxurious packages, from the privacy of your own home or the comfort of her studio with all its wardrobe and props. Give your partner the ultimate gift: YOU!

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