stephy & ben

our 2020 elopement giveaway

their love story

Stephy and Ben met the ‘new-fashioned’ way a few years ago through Facebook! Which funnily enough neither of them have anymore (it served its purpose haha! Stephy shared!) The first time they met they had an instant connection, the second time they met and on the way to dinner Stephy got herself a flat tyre. She called Ben to tell she couldn’t make it to their dinner date. Ben insisted on coming to change her tyre, which is something he never had done before and they eventually made it to their dinner date. In that moment Stephy knew she would marry Ben and they have been inseparable and crazy in love ever since.

On their first overseas trip to Thailand together, one beautiful evening (25th February 2019), they were admiring the incredible sunset over Patong Beach. Ben began saying ‘how beautiful it was here’ and after two or three times of repeating this he then added ‘that this would be such a beautiful spot to get engaged’.  Stephy replied ‘yeh it would be’ not thinking twice and then Ben reached for his pocket and Stephy instantly burst into tears thinking he was joking! Eventually she stopped crying and said yes! It was so unexpected and such a special moment that they will cherish forever.

stephy’s wedding gown

For the longest time, Stephy had always wanted a modern, yet classic wedding gown and fell in love with her beautiful wedding gown that is backless and has bell sleeves to die for. Stephy shared she felt so beautiful in her gown and wanted to wear it over and over again.

winning the ‘elopement giveaway’

Stephy entered the I do I do Gippsland Elopement Giveaway in July 2020. They were notified by Robyn the Editor of I do I do Gippsland that they were the lucky winners of the incredible Elopement Giveaway Prize which featured some of the most amazing Gippsland Vendors as part of this amazing prize.

Stephy and Ben’s Elopement has a very special message that no matter what love wins, and love is not cancelled! Over the past few months Covid 19 had put many challenges in their way as a couple, however their determination to still get married adds a beautiful message that in the ‘dark’ times of life there is still happiness. The date of their wedding day was changed 3 times and the most stunning wedding day was created for this couple by the most generous and amazing Gippsland Vendors.

one piece of advice

Do what makes you happy! It’s far too hard to keep everyone happy, your wedding day is about you. Don’t feel pressured to have a for everyone else, at the end of the day you are the ones getting married!

a note from robyn at i do i do gippsland

Along with the 22 incredible Gippsland Vendors that made this stunning Elopement/Photoshoot take place, I can’t thank these beautiful humans enough!!! We finally married Stephy and Ben on 7th November 2020 at Willarah Farm Weddings. Your generosity is beyond words, your want to be part of this Elopement Giveaway and to marry this gorgeous couple again is truly so amazing! I stand in gratitude to you all xo And a little shoutout to Sonya from Bonnie Pix & Flix love your epiphanies, your idea from one phone call has created so much love and memories that will be with us forever xo Thank you!! And to our gorgeous couple ‘Stephy and Ben’ – may our love be part of your beautiful ‘love story’ forever and may you always know that love is bigger than we know xo Hugs and love xo

our amazing vendors

These incredible vendors created such a beautiful wedding day for Stephy and Ben xo hugs and love xo

Amante Bridal
Blue Gables Vineyard
Bonnie Pix & Flix
Dettie’s Unique Cake Designs
Acoustics by Erin
Gippsland Wedding Cars
Hoskings Jewellers
JL Hair & Makeup
Lee’s Nail Room
Lisa-Anne Celebrant
Morrie & Maisie
Myrtle Beech
Panthers Mensland
Rose Lane Makeup Artist
Sea + Paper Creative Studio
Spoon & Spatula
The Bra Studio b y Renae Mawley
Traralgon Vineyard
Try Angles Fashion
Wheelie Good Pizzas
Willarah Farm Weddings

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