The Alchemy of a Vision Board

dream together

A Vision Board is a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation – it is Alchemy in its pure state. Creating a Vision Board together as a couple allows you to gain clarity around exactly what you want out of life, both as an individual and as a couple. Creating a sacred space and giving time and priority to this activity provides you with the opportunity to have a real conversation about your dreams for your life together. It is a great medium to transform your own personal life and transform your relationship. 

The process of creating a Vision Board with your partner offers the opportunity to deepen your connection as a couple and can bring you closer together. Couples find joy in supporting and empowering each other in achieving both individual and couple goals. Sharing, declaring and intending together what you want to create, be and do as an individual and as a couple also helps to keep you accountable. Accountability fast-tracks the likelihood of taking inspired action and is a lot of fun as well. 

your reflection time

Firstly, look at the following categories which make for a balanced life and give yourself a score from 1 to 10 depending upon how fulfilled you fill in each area. 10 is fabulous and you are on track and 1 needs some attention. It is important to create sacred time to complete this part of the process and ensure you are quiet, centered and have no distractions. Spend time together reflecting on your answers and sharing them with your partner.  

Finances / Intimate Relationships / Physical Health / Fitness / Spiritual Health / Emotional Health / Career, Mission & Consistent Growth / Contribution / Fun & Excitement / Family & Friends 

During this reflection you may ask yourself and each other: 

Why did you score yourself in each category the way you did? 
What is my ideal score for each category to achieve in the next month, 3 months, 6 months and one year? 
Where are my biggest gaps or hurdles? 
Which area of my life do I need to focus on? 

Keeping your scores in mind you can now embark on my simple 8 Step Process for Creating your Vision Board 

your 8 step process for creating your vision board

1. Create a list of intuitive goals you would like to achieve in the next year both as an individual and as a couple (taking into account your scores in each category). Spend some quality time together getting clear on exactly what you want your ideal life to look like. 

2. Clear space in your calendar, an evening or a weekend. Give this process of creating your Vision Board the sacred time it deserves. 

3. Give your Vision Board a time frame. The key is that you’re both on the same page in terms of timelines and your expectations around making your vision a reality. 

4. Collect a bundle of magazines, beautiful pictures, photos, inspiring quotes and affirmation words. 

5. Rip out pages and cut out any image that speaks to your hearts. Look for images that immediately make you say yes, this is what I want in my life. Focus on how the images make you feel. Also include a photo of yourselves as a couple looking happy and relaxed. 

6. Make a collage together out of your photos and words. Pop some music on, get gluing, have fun and enjoy the process. It’s time to make your vision board! 

7. Use an Art Canvas Board. Your Vision Board needs to be solid and strong, as it will shape your destiny. It can be 3 dimensional, you can paint it, stick things on. Create to your heart’s content. 

8. Make your Vision Board Visible! Be Bold! You have now created an amazing vision for your life as a couple – it’s time to make it as visible as possible where you will both see it! Your bedroom is a great place to place your Vision Board. Take a few moments to contemplate, reflect, imagine, dream and look at your vision board every day. 

your takeaways

A couple of takeaways – lead by example and be open with your partner, don’t nag or be a dream squasher or dream taker. Creating a vision board with your loved one actually requires a certain amount of vulnerability. It takes a lot of courage to share big dreams. 

Be amazing and remember these words of Yoko Ono ~ ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’  

Words written with love from Robyn Bull xo

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