the perfect backyard event

the perfect backyard event

With thanks to social media there is more pressure on us than ever before to create a stand out event.

But how do you do it? The answer is easy, bring the venue to your own backyard and treat your guests to a personal, relaxed affair that reflects the style and essence of who you truly are and what you value

If you love the idea of having an event at home but are terrified of the process, don’t panic – by following these 5 tips and using our expert advice you will rock this!

One – Assess Your Guests

Take a close look at the demographic of your guest list is crucial to the overall enjoyment of the day.

Selecting music that will appeal to the majority of your audience will help you to avoid them running out the door as soon as the speeches are over. If you have a large number of young friends coming then a DJ’s or iphone playlist with some dance tunes might be a great option, but if you have a large number family coming along then a quieter acoustic duo might be a better option. If you have a small backyard then your favorite seven piece band from the local pub, who are probably great, might also be way too loud for your guests to chat – not to mention your neighbors will probably shut you down.

It’s also important to consider your furnishings in order to meet the various needs of all of your guests. It is clear that the food truck trend is here to stay, and whilst we all love a relaxed festival vibe, your Grandparent’s probably don’t. A combination of furnishings is very on trend but also very practical. Tables and chairs with backs on them are essential for older relatives to sit and eat, lounge chairs cater for breast feeding friends and antisocial people that are more comfortable sitting from the side lines. High bar tables and bar stools provide opportunities for women who are strutting around in their killer heels to rest their poor cramping feet for a while and men, well let’s just face it, they will stand from start to finish, so a few wine barrels to drop a beer glass onto while they eat is just perfect.

two – Design

When designing a backyard event there are a few key layout elements to consider.

The three essential things that guests need are food, alcohol and toilets. Ensure that all of these amenities are close at hand so they have no excuse to disappear and that way your party wont get segregated.

The bar is the number one social spot for the evening but it’s design is often overlooked. Men like to lean on it, women like to gossip by it and someone has to work behind it, so make sure it’s a good height, it’s stylish to draw people in and it’s functional with good lighting.

three – weather

You may be willing to brave the weather to get that Instagram worthy photo, but trust me your guest’s wont like you for it. Be realistic about the weather predictions for the day and implement a solid back up plan early. Book an extra marquee or extend the length of the marquee if it looks like wet weather is coming, and talk to your hire company about having heaters and umbrellas available and on hand to bring in at the last minute if required.

Wedding websites and group Facebook pages are a quick and easy way to notify all of your guests at once that you are changing location.

four – atmosphere

Atmosphere is everything! It is the art of making people FEEL the event.

Lighting is key! Low hanging pendants give extra lighting during meals that can be turned off later in the evening and dimmer switches are very useful in pairing back the brightness to set the mood for the party. Real flames such as candles and outdoor fire pits give that beautiful flickering romantic lighting.

Scent is having it’s day in the wedding industry at the moment, real flowers and local foliage such as gum provide a floral aroma as guests walk into the space. However some couples are taking it that step further and creating a personalised scent for their event – fragranced candles, incense, what ever you please but you can almost guarantee that when you smell that fragrance again, you will be transported back to that magnificent day.

five – the aftermath

Okay so this is the bit that nobody likes to think about, talk about or even plan for, but trust me when I say that if you don’t prepare yourself, it will put a huge dampener on the entire event. Ensure that you have a plan for rubbish removal, washing dishes and pulling down decorations to prevent those nasty tasks sneaking up on you the next morning when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Enjoy your gorgeous wedding day!

Words written by Kristie Cameron from Over the Top Events. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Kristie at

Image Credits: Jana Woodhouse Photography / Hannah Gilbert Photographer / Immerse Photography / Dan Brannan Photography / Tahnee Jade Photography

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