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Invitations are your guests first look at your wedding day, so make it memorable!
The best place to start is with some bold and fun colours that are going to be featured on your day. If you know you’re going to have blush and white flowers, then choose invitations with those colours.

Keep it easy for your guests by adding a magnet on the reverse side of your main invitation for everyone to safely add to the fridge. Now there won’t be lost invitations or ugly magnets hiding your beautiful invitation on their fridges.

To ensure guests send back any RSVP cards, ask your stationery designer to pre-print your address on the back of the RSVP cards, then add a postal stamp before sending your invitations out. Your guests then only need to fill in their response and post it straight back to you like a postcard – this also saves on ordering more envelopes.

Choosing the Right Colours

The most impressive signage and invitations that we’ve seen are the ones with a consistent design and colour scheme. The colour scheme always works well when it complements the venue décor, flowers and signage used for your event.

Keeping it Affordable

Here are some simple ways to keep your wedding stationery affordable!

  • Combine families onto one invitation – this way you will be ordering less invitations.
  • Set up your RSVP online – there are so many great websites out there that assist with RSVP responses. This will then eliminate the need to print postcards that guests send back to you.
  • Keep your printing choices to Digital Print. Digital print is the standard print method – however, to keep your look premium choose a lovely textured white or ivory card.
  • Combine your place cards and menu’s together! Simply print your guests name on your menu to eliminate the cost of one of the items.

Printing Options

There are quite a few printing options for your invitations! We have listed these in most affordable

  1. Digital Invitations. Most stationery designers will offer all design suites in digital format to send out over email or Facebook
  2. Digital Printing. This is the most common printing style! Think black text on white or blush cards.
  3. White Ink Printing. Not much more expensive and has a little bit of extra wow factor. Think white ink on black or navy cards.
  4. Letterpress Printing. Absolutely stunning, and an invite to remember! Your design gets pressed into thick card so that if you run your fingers over it you will feel the indents. Letter pressing can be in any colour – black, grey, blush or terracotta!
  5. Hot Foil Printing. Another stunning option for your invitations! If it’s too expensive to foil stamp your entire invitation, ask your stationery design to quote just having your names foil stamped. It will save you money and still look very premium.

Time Frames

So, when is it the right time to order your stationery and send it out to guests?

We would recommend sending out your Save The Dates 6-8 months in advance if you can. This allows any guests travelling to book time off work, travel and look into accommodation before it may get too expensive.

You then can send out all of your Invitations 2-3 months before your wedding date. By then, you should have worked out your run sheet and all information needed for your invitations.

RSVPs should be sent back to you 3-4 weeks before the wedding so that you can confirm numbers with your venue and any dietary requirements. It is always best to check in with your venue first to see if there are any dates that you need to pass on this information by.

Don’t forget your Thank You’s

One thing not to forget is to order some custom thank you cards! This can simply be a typography design matching your wedding invitations or even with a photo from your wedding day! Guests will love to receive a handwritten card thanking them for celebrating with you and will also have a memory to keep.

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