wedding hair musings

wedding hair musings

everything you need to know about bridal hair prep – straight from the expert

As a bride, planning your up coming wedding, there is a lot to know, do and be and we spoke to one of our incredible expert hair stylists Danielle Stewart from The Head Boutique. Dani has shared her tips and guidance for you in planning your beautiful wedding hair do!!

what hair style suits you on your wedding day?

Your wedding day is an extension of who you are and what you love (as already expressed in your wedding gown, venue, stationery, cake and floral decisions) so it makes sense that your wedding day hair style choice should be a natural and beautiful continuation of this expression. You will have a vision and an idea of what you love and these tips and guidance will help you create the best wedding hair. When choosing your wedding hair style, it is important to consider factors like hair type, hair length, and your face shape as well as choosing a style that complements the design, look and silhouette of your wedding dress as mentioned.

picking the right wedding hair style

Wedding hair styles are endless and the different choices, styles, Pinterest can be overwhelming, however your hair stylist will guide you and help you in deciding the best look for your wedding day. Consider a few key factors as below:

what’s your dress like?

The first question is ‘what is your dress like?’ Your hair needs to complement your wedding gown and as mentioned above needs to be a beautiful expression of your whole vision and look for your wedding day. If your dress is simple and elegant, you can go with a more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is more extravagant with beading and sequins, consider a more subtle yet elegant updo as well as consider if your hair is left down this may lead to entanglements with the beading and sequins. If your dress has a gorgeous, open-back design, choose a side ponytail or braid to show off the design. It’s important to choose a hair style that matches your dress and personal style. Choosing a style that will harmonise and not compete with the neckline of your dress is also essential – for example, if your dress has a high neckline try sweeping hair up to create an illusion of added neck length. Another beautiful consideration is you choice of jewellery for your wedding day and especially earrings and in particular if you are wearing longer earrings. They can become a gorgeous feature complementing your wedding gown as well as the style of hair and the overall look of your wedding day.

choosing your own unique and beautiful hair style

Most hair stylists will say, that usually brides can have want they want for their wedding day hair style. A great question to ask firstly ‘Is it achievable?’ and your hair stylist will help and guide you in this process. You may show your hair stylist firstly, a picture of your hair, what you want done and the vision and expression of your wedding day. You may want to create a beautiful mood board (which shows your jewellery, veil, neckline of your wedding gown etc.) to take to your hair stylist. Consider the words that describe your wedding day look – elegant, stylish, graceful, natural, fun to name a few. Ask yourself these questions? How do you usually like wearing your hair? What are your hair’s best features? Eg. if you have glorious curls let them sparkle. If your hair is more thinning, do you need to add in some natural looking hair extensions? Hair extensions are more resilient to heat and humidity as well and can hold those gorgeous curls that you may be wanting as well.

consider the weather

Weather, plays an important role in deciding your wedding hair style. If your wedding is inside or during the cooler months, it is safe to go for those elegant cascading curls or any other hair style of your choice. If your wedding day is during the summer months especially a hot, humid day for example, you may consider an updo, so you won’t need to worry about any frizzy hair sticking to your back, or your curls falling out. Your hair stylist again will guide you and help to ensure your hair style holds during all-weather days.

consider your hair length, volume and texture

When you first connect with your hair stylist, they will beautifully guide you in relation to the vision of your wedding hair style. They will take into consideration how long your hair is and how thick it is and help you around the look you are wanting. It’s also important to keep in mind that the texture of your hair plays a part in the type of wedding hair style that will carry throughout the day, as well as stunning hair accessories you may want to wear. A heavy hair comb may not work if your hair is more on the fine side and your hair stylist will guide you re your accessories. A small, jewelled hairpin may be the better option instead. That is where adding to your moodboard what you love will be a fabulous help in the final decision of your gorgeous wedding hair.

veil or no veil

The first question is to decide whether you will wear a veil on your wedding day? Veils add a beautiful layer to the whole look of you and your wedding day and a simple updo could look stunning with your veil or you may choose a more soft, wispy loose updo. Wearing your hair out with a veil can create another romantic and elegant look and again your hair stylist will guide you around your whole wedding day look. Remember if you are wearing a veil, don’t leave it until the last minute, as a veil can create a whole new look and ideas for your wedding hair stylist to create.

remain authentic, be true to the real you

Your wedding day is your own beautiful wedding day! It is important to decide what will make you feel happy, beautiful, and comfortable. Remain authentic to you and be true to the real you! If that means wearing your hair natural or wearing the simplest hairdo, so be it. Remember your wedding day can last for quite a few hours depending on the day and your plans and you must be comfortable throughout that time. If you have never worn hair extensions before, rarely wear your hair up, or find elaborate hair styles uncomfortable or difficult to manage, your wedding day may not be the right time to try something new. Adding some time for a wedding hair trial might be also part of your wedding day preparation as well.

your hair health

Your hair is an extension of you and there are so many great tips you can do to create luxurious, shiny and beautiful hair for your wedding day from deep conditioning treatments, masks, to being well hydrated and to eating wholesome foods. Your hairstylist will guide you accordingly to your needs and hair. There are so many incredible products available to enhance your hair health and having that conversation well in advance to your wedding day will create your beautiful hair goals for you wedding day.

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